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What You Need To Know About Japanese Magic Straight Hair Done In Choix Beauty Salon Plano

Japanese Magic Straight is a new hairstyle treatment, which uses heat to restructure the bonds in your hair to create permanent straight hairstyle that will last from six to eight months until new hair grows up. The popularity of this treatment is growing daily with many featured articles in magazines such as Vogue, Lucky and In Style, just to name a few, and the trend setting of the fashion industry. Even in Plano, the number of women opting for Japanese Magic Straight is on rise.
Here is the summary of the whole process of Japanese Magic Straight as followed by Choix Beauty Salon Plano:
Consultation: Japanese Magic Straight is not suitable for African hair, or pre treated hair. Technician at Choix Beauty Salon in Plano will first determine if it is safe to do Japanese Magic Straightening on your hair. Do honestly inform her of all prior treatments. The technician will do hair diagnosis and cut your hair a bit if necessary after the consultation.
Shampoo: Then your hair will be shampooed to clean it thoroughly before starting the treatment.
Conditioner: A protein conditioner is then applied to your hair
Relaxer: A cream based relaxer is then applied. This will soften the hair and help to separate the sulfur bonds inside the hair shaft.
Test: After a period of time the stylist will do a test to see if the hair has broken down to the right degree.
Rinse: Once the proper amount of Sulfur bonds have been disassociated the stylist will rinse your hair.
Iron: Then the hair will be dried and then ironed into the style you wish to have
Neutralizing: Neutralizing chemical will then be applied on her hair. The neutralizer must continue to absorb oxygen in order to re-associate the sulfur bonds inside the hair shaft.
The hair designer will instruct you not to shampoo, wet or style your hair for 24-72 hours, this is to allow it to completely neutralize into the desired shape.
The results are amazing and your looks silky and straight. The hair stylist may recommend special products for your hair to maintain its health and glow.
If you are looking for Japanese Magic Straight treatment, do not forget to contact us today for a complimentary consultation with our Japanese Magic Straightening Technician at Choix Beauty Salon Plano.